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  • You need a DSSI host, these instructions assume it's Renoise
  • Put the .so file in ~/.dssi or add its dir to DSSI_PATH
    • Note if DSSI_PATH is set then it must include ~/.dssi explicitly if you want Renoise to look there
  • If you now run Renoise you should see Carstairs in the list of available DSSI plugins
    • It's a good idea to run Renoise in a terminal so you can monitor the logging
  • The only program (in MIDI parlance) available is the default, which is enough to check that the spectrum of the square wave tails off before Nyquist
  • To tell Carstairs where your programs will be, create a config file in the same dir as the .so file
    • Unload and reload the plugin in Renoise to make it read the new config file